Wood Vase | Modern Vase


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  • Wood Vase Variations
  • Dimensions are estimates, please reach out to support@heartandsoullifestyle.com if there are any questions
  • Artisan: Sarah Sawdust

Wood Vase | Modern Vase brings a touch of nature, simplicity and uniquely modern elements into any space. This vase is perfect as a standalone or paired with faux pampas for a modern flair, a single daisy for a modern farmhouse look, or even for propagating new plants.

It is a stunning and thoughtful addition bringing a touch of nature to any home or office. Each vase is one of a kind and made by Artisan Designer, Sarah Sawdust.

Sarah Sawdust is an artist based in Boise, Idaho, with a passion for power tools. She is self taught and always learning. Her passion for design and implementing new ideas is inspiring and not only does she create wood vases, but she also recreates famous land & sea scapes with a specialized wood process. Her vases are always a favorite!

Each wood vase is unique and all dimensions are approximate. If there are any questions, please reach out to us at support@heartandsoullifestyle.com.

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Dimensions: 3.5 × 5 in