Grateful for Talented Handmade Artisans

The Journey to Bringing Talented Artisans To Your Doorstep

At Heart and Soul Lifestyle, we are so grateful for the opportunity to support US Based Artisans on their journeys, creating handmade bespoke pieces. Their stories are amazing, and their pieces are truly works of art. Every Piece Tells A Story. They Infuse My Heart and Soul, and today, seems like a perfect day to tell the story of how Heart and Soul Lifestyle was born.

Experiencing the Lifestyle

When renovating our own home and assisting friends with renovations, we realized the lack of quality in the market for home decor. We often purchased pieces that in person were not worth the price. Finding quality for a fair price required a lot of research and often times led to a disappointing outcome. 

In the same timeframe, we were in San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico, where we were able to furnish several homes with custom made pieces, all made in Mexico. This was a fun and exciting experience that created a stronger connection to the community and reflected a level of quality that was difficult to find in the US. We were able to procure custom pieces, but oftentimes would wait 4 – 6 months to receive. There was a tremendous amount of research done to ensure that the custom pieces would fit the space and reflect the modern style.  This experience was so meaningful and created such a strong connection to Mexican Artisans, that we wanted to bring this same bespoke experience to the US.

This is Heart and Soul Lifestyle

This is where Heart and Soul Lifestyle was truly born. Bringing bespoke modern furnishings, hand made in the US to a virtual storefront. We researched talented Artisans for quality pieces hand crafted in the US. These Artisans, due to the small batch nature of their works, typically take 2- 3 months to fill an order. So, we vowed to provide a white glove experience where we procure inventory and keep it on-hand. Truly bringing bespoke items to our Client’s doorstep in days vs weeks or months.

Our mission is to fill your home with modern, handmade bespoke and luxurious items to suit your personal style and vision. We hope these high-quality handmade pieces will showcase who you are with a nod to who you want to become. All handcrafted and all have a story. Most importantly, we want you to feel confident that the artisans you support and the products you purchase are excellent value for money and are helping to impact the world for good.

We value superior quality, intentional sustainability practices and ongoing relationships with our artisans and clients. And we continue to source new Artisan partnerships as we grow. We believe this model fills a market desire to support Talented Artisans, and with our experiences, we can bring bespoke, meaningful pieces to your doorstep to infuse your soul.


Thank You to our Talented Artisans and to our Clients and all of those that support our Business. Our Small Business Saturday is truly bringing Main Street USA to your doorstep.

Heart and Soul Lifestyle’s logo is inspired by our current home in Kansas City. This 1970’s ranch has had a revival and it is now the gathering place for friends and family. This fills my Heart and Soul and is the Heart and Soul Lifestyle that I wish for all of our clients. Follow Heart and Soul Lifestyle and elevate every room with bespoke, in-stock, handmade pieces. We also encourage you to follow our talented Artisans to learn more!

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