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Infuse your Soul this Holiday Season

When it comes to Holiday Gift Ideas, my husband is great at gift giving, making it meaningful and simple. But Holiday shopping can be challenging, even for him. My husband says (on a regular basis), “you are difficult to buy for, whatever you want, you just buy it”.

I kindly remind him that I am not difficult to buy for, he just has to hit “add to cart” before I do, which admittedly can be a challenge because I love to research and shop online. But receiving something that truly Infuses my Soul is often a surprise gift, something unexpected. One of my favorite gifts from him is the bear claw backscratcher. It is a fan favorite in our house and has a designated spot by my nightstand. It’s enhanced my quality of life, serves a need, and I love it.

The beauty of gift giving is the meaning. I hope that on your search for the perfect gift, your heart is filled knowing they will be grateful. Holiday Gift Ideas from the Heart and Soul Lifestyle:

Do they love nature and the outdoors? Pieces sourced responsibly from nature make great gifts.

  • Stone Serving Platters come in many colors and sizes. Perfect for the entertainer who has a modern flair.
  • Teak Serving Boards are always in style and often viewed as a luxury item. Makes for a great gift for that someone who won’t spend on themselves, but they do appreciate quality and style.
  • Wood Vases bring elements of nature and style into the home. Of course one of my favorite Artisans is Sarah Sawdust, who we have in our store currently. She also does amazing wall art, check out her Instagram for some of her amazing work.
  • If they prefer to hit the road and trails, a gift certificate to The National Parks is an excellent way to show your support. America the Beautiful, The National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass can be purchased on the official website.

Sports Enthusiast? Give a Sports Experience Gift for the Holidays.

  • Tickets to a sporting event or gift card for a future event. This is definitely a fan favorite in our house. Whether it’s the matchup of the year, or in a city near you, giving a Sports Experience makes memories for a lifetime. Many ticket sellers do sell gift cards, which is a great idea especially if you aren’t sure what works best with their schedule.
  • Jerseys, worn or new! If it’s in your budget, autographed framed jerseys create a lifetime gift that can be cherished for years to come. Often times, up and coming names are more economical and a great way to invest in a team, whether it’s college or professional. Many NIL deals allow student athletes to gain from sales, so it’s a great way to support student athletes and your sports enthusiast.

Love the local life? Local Gift Giving always wins.

  • Shopping local never gets old. Local shops do generally offer gift certificates, and make for a great afternoon or weekend outing.
  • Whether it’s the coffee shop, the local art gallery, or other storied Artisans, supporting community is a great gift that keeps on giving.

Charitable donations make great Gifts.

  • For those who love giving their time and resources, or wish they could give more, donations to charities, are a great way to make a gift personal.
  • For teachers, public servants, and the volunteers in your life, this is a great way to show your appreciation for their service and commitment.
  • Many charities also provide tours or open houses as a way to learn more about the organization.
  • If you don’t know where to start, Charity Navigator is an excellent resource. I have found many, smaller, local charities that would have been difficult to uncover on my own.

We hope These Holiday Gift Ideas fill up your Heart & Soul this Holiday Season.

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