About Us

The Heart and
Soul Behind the Lifestyle

My name is Tracy, and I know I’m the luckiest girl in the world. I live a fulfilling life in retirement where my husband, my ever-supportive life partner, encourages me to chase and celebrate my dreams while I do the same for him. For me, these dreams take the form of Heart and Soul Lifestyle. This company is an ideal outlet for my creativity as it combines my excitement for a luxurious lifestyle, my passion for all things beautiful with my love of helping others create their dream space.

About Us

But where did it all begin?

I have two sons, and together with my husband, I consider these three incredible men my lucky charms. My husband and I used to work in the stressful corporate world. We were fortunate enough to have careers that sent us from one end of the USA to the other, but we knew we were working towards someone else’s dream, and we longed to pursue our passions instead. So we began a new journey: retirement.

Now free from the 9-5 (and beyond) grind, we embraced the opportunity to travel for fun. We’ve been to mountains and beaches, and we adore Cabo San Lucas, where we connect deeply with the mountains and ocean and find ourselves closer than ever to the moon and stars.

Cabo San Lucas may be our home away from home, but our hearts belong in Kansas City. Built in 1970, our home here has always inspired me. After I found myself redesigning the interior again and again, I decided to outsource myself and help others find the same joy in their homes. When I started Heart and Soul Lifestyle, my home was the inspiration and is the basis for the logo’s design.

Now that I know where to direct my love for the art of interior design and decor, I find my desire to share the beauty I’ve created within my home is only growing. Our Kansas City home has become a gathering place for family and friends. Every time my house fills with those I love, my heart also fills with pride, gratitude and joy.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to fill your home with modern, bespoke and luxurious items to suit your personal style and vision. We hope these high-quality handmade pieces will showcase who you are with a nod to who you want to become.

Our Values

We value superior quality, intentional sustainability practices and ongoing relationships with our artisans and clients. We carefully vet the US-based vendors we partner with to understand the materials they use and ensure their values align with our own. We want you to feel confident that the artisans you support and the products you purchase are excellent value for money and are helping to impact the world for good.

Meet the Team

Tracy Church

Founder, Owner, Design Expert

Tracy personally curates items from select artisans with whom she has built a relationship. Through a personal connection with the artisan and a deep understanding of their work, Tracy knows the intricate details of how every piece is designed and created.

Meet our skilled partners

Skyler Masters

Skyler began with an interest in graphic design but soon found working in an office was not for him and opted for another route. He began working as an apprentice under a Kansas City sculptor and lighting designer where he learned to weld. During his apprenticeship he assisted in fabrication of custom furnishings and lighting for residential as well as commercial businesses. He then went on to working with a local startup design and build firm and doing commercial business and restaurant build outs. Refining his fabrication skills. he then went on to do high end cabinetry/woodwork as well as metal before branching off on his own to specialize in custom metal fabrication catering to custom pieces in modern homes and businesses. He has since found a niche in high end furniture and one of a kind pieces that are functional yet durable and sustainable.

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