Porcelain Planter | Convivial Planter 3″


Care & Info
  • Material: Ivory Porcelain
  • Glaze: Ivory
  • Drainage hole and dish.
  • For indoor use
  • Sold individually
  • Created by Convivial
  • Designed and handmade in Kansas City, MO

Porcelain Planter | Convivial 3″ Riveted Planter beautifully displays your greenery in a minimalist style.  The 3″ Porcelain Planter pairs well with the Convivial 5″ Riveted Planter to add depth and planting options.

Convivial is a design and manufacturing company that labors over the creation of ceramic wares for the home, table, and garden categories. Each piece is brought from dust to life through a seven days process by our team of creatives. Our process includes, in brief – clay mixing, casting, carving, cleaning, glazing, and kiln firing.

Each is the just-right size for your small or growing plants atop a window sill or sandwiched among books on a shelf.

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Dimensions: 3 in