Chenille Throw Blanket | Chunky Knit


Care & Info
  • Handmade
  • Made in the USA
  • Buy two or more chenille throws and receive free shipping

Chenille Throw Blanket, Chunky Knit 45 X 60

These beautiful hand knit blankets make for gorgeous throw blankets and are the perfect addition to any boho, farmhouse, or modern home.

The Chenille Throw Blanket is machine washable which makes it perfect for homes that have pets or children. Machine or hand wash with cold water and lay flat to dry (you may need to wiggle and reshape since the chains will move around in the wash!)

From the creator Adrianne Jean, Another Row was born during quarantine. I have spent the last two years mastering my craft, learning new techniques, and venturing far and wide into the world of fiber arts. Creating beautiful things is my favorite thing to do, thank you for being a part of my amazing adventure

Dimensions: 45 × 50 in